Cellissimo Music Galway

Cellissimo Bach Plus in association with Music for Galway

We are delighted to welcome Cellissimo Bach Plus in association with Music for Galway and Galway 2020 to Ballynahinch on Tuesday April 28th 2020 at 2pm. Join artist Adrian Mantu on the cello as he preforms ‘Dances, songs & poems’ a 45 minute concert including JS BAch, Philip Glass, Hamza El Din & Giovanni Sollima. 

Date: Tuesday 28th April 2020
Time: 2.00pm
Venue: Ballynahinch Castle Hotel
Ticket Prices: €10 per person

To book your place please call (095) 31006 or email Catherine on coreilly@ballyanhinch-castle.com

Artist: Adrian Mantu, cello
Programme: ‘Dances, songs & poems’ (collected from around the world in the last three centuries)
Performed on: Baroque, modern & electric cellos J.S.Bach - Suite of Dances in D minor no 2
The six dances: Prelude, Allemand, Courante, Sarabande, Minuets & Gigue, performed on the baroque cello, will be interspersed with Five Poems and Songs (2007) of Philip Glass, performed on electric cello or modern cello with reverb Hamza El Din - Escalay. The water wheel, performed with loops and Giovanni Sollima - Lamentatio, performed on electric cello, with the use of metal zone pedal