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Ballynahinch Bar Selection

A favourite with both locals and visitors; guests enjoy the unique atmosphere surrounded by records and images of past fishing exploits Whether enjoying a pint with the paper by the fire or enjoying a drink with friends, an evening in The Fisherman’s Pub is always a must do when visiting Ballynahinch.
Draught Beer 56.8cl Style Origin
Heineken 5.75 Pale Lager Holland
Bridewell Blond 6.00 Blonde Ale Clifden
Bridewell Red 6.00 Red Ale Clifden
Navigator Ltd 6.00 Brown Ale Clifden
Guinness 5.50 Stout Dublin
Cider 33cl Style Origin
Orchard Thieves 6.00 Sweet Cork
Bulmers Original 6.50 Semi-Sweet Tipperary
Bottled Beer 33cl Style Origin
Corona Extra 6.00 Pale Lager Mexico
Heineken 6.00 Pale Lager Netherlands
Peroni  6.00 Pale Lager Italy
Peroni Gluten Free  6.00 Pale Lager Italy
Craft Beer Style Origin
Mescan Brewery 33cl  Belgian Ale  Westport
Blond (5.5%) 8.50 Blonde 
Saison (6.2%) 8.50 Saison 
Triple Red (8.5%) 9.50 Triple 
Extra (9.3%) 9.50 Golden 
Galway Bay 50cl  Galway
Full Sail (5.8%)  8.50 IPA  "
Althea (4.8%) 8.50 American Pale Ale
Galway Hooker   50cl 8.50 Stout Galway
Aperitivo 5cl Origin
Aperol 5.50 Italy
Campari 6.00 Italy
Martini Rosso 5.00 Italy
Martini Extra Dry 5.00 Italy
Dubonnet Blanc 5.00 France
Dubonnet Red 5.00 France
Pimm’s No.1 5.50 England
White Wine 18.75c Style Origin
Sauvignon Blanc 8.00 Aromatic Touraine France
Pinot Grigio 8.50 Light Dolomite Italy
Verdejo 9.00 Aromatic Rueda Spain
Picpoul De Pinet 9.00 Full Languedoc France
Chardonnay  14.50 Full Chablis France
Rosé Wine 18.75cl Style Origin
Pinot Noir 14.50 Dry Sancerre France
Cabernet Franc  9.50 Semi-Sweet Anjou France
Red Wine 18.75cl Style Origin
Merlot 8.00 Medium Languedoc France 
Sangiovese 8.50 Light Toscana Italy
Garnacha 9.00 Medium Castilla Spain
Tempranillo 10.00 Full Rioja Spain
Malbec 10.50 Full Mendoza Argentina
Bubbly 15cl Style Origin
Prosecco Furlan 14.50 Spumante Veneto Italy
Champagne Deutz    19.50 Brut Aÿ France
Kir Royale(1904) Brut 
Champagne & Crème De Cassis 20.50
Sweet Wine 5cl Grape Origin
Beaumes De Venise 7.00 Petits Muscat  Rhône France
Sauternes 7.50 Sémillon Bordeaux France 
Sherry 5cl
(Spain, Jerez-Xérès) Style
La Gitana Hidalgo 5.00 Manzanilla
Winter’s Tale 5.00 Medium
Harbey’s Bristol 5.00 Cream
Irish Gin 3.55cl Garnish Origin
Garnish Island 6.00 Lime Cork
Dingle 7.00 Orange Kerry
Mór 8.00 Pink Peppercorn Offaly
Galway 8.00 Juniper Berries Galway
Loch Measc 8.00 Juniper Berries Mayo
James Joyce 8.50 Orange Dublin
Gunpowder 9.00 Pink Grapefruit Leitrim
Bertha’s (Whey) 9.00 Orange Cork
Shortcross 9.00 Orange Down
Jaw Box 9.00 Lime, Mint Down
International Gin 3.55cl Garnish Origin
Gordon’s Pink  5.00 Pink Peppercorn England
Gordons 6.00 Lemon England
Bombay Sapphire 6.00 Lime England
Hendricks 9.00 Cucumber Scotland
Monkey 47 11.50 Coriander, Lime Germany

FEVER TREE (20cl) €3.50 Tonic/ Elderflower/ Mediterranean Light/ Ginger Ale
SCHWEPPES (12.5cl) €2.50 Tonic/Slimline/Soda Water/White Lemonade/Ginger Ale

Those selected garnish are which we think marry the best each type of gin. Feel free to order your favourite.

Vodka 3.55cl Ingredients Origin
Smirnoff 5.50 Corn Russia
Absolut 5.50 Wheat Sweden
Stolichnaya 6.00 Wheat & Rye Russia
Dingle 7.00 Grain Kerry
Ketel One 8.00 Wheat Holland
Loch Measc 8.00 Grain Mayo
Tito’s 8.50 Corn U.S.A
Grey Goose 9.50 Wheat      France
Rum 3.55cl Style Origin
Bacardi Carta Blanca 5.50 White Puerto Rico
Havana Club 3 Años 5.50 White Cuba
Bacardi Gold 6.00 Amber Puerto Rico
Havana Club Especial 6.00 Amber Cuba
Sea Dog 5.00 Dark Jamaica
Havana Club 7 Año 8.00 Dark Cuba
Captain Morgan 5.00 Spiced Virgin Island
Bacardi Oakheart 5.50 Spiced Puerto Rico
Akal Chai (Tea) 9.00 Spiced Trinidad
& Tobago
Others 3.75cl Ingredients Origin
Poitín Micil 7.50 Barley Galway
Tequilla Olmeca  6.00 Blue Agave Mexico
Mezcal Montelobos 10.50 Espadin Agave Mexico
Cognac 3.55cl
France, 40% Abv, Grape: Ugni Blanc, 
Cask: Tronçais & Limousin French Oak Age  
Courvoisier Vs 6.50 4
Hennessey Vs 7.00 2 to 5
Courvoisier Vsop 9.00 8 to 10
Remy Martin Vsop 9.50 4
Camus Vsop 11.50 4
Remy Martin Xo 19.00 25
Courvoisier Xo 20.00 20 to 30
Camus Xo 21.00 up to 30
Dry Liquor, 3.55cl
(served neat) Aroma Origin
Grappa Di Vinaccia 6.00 Grape   Italy
Calvados 12 Yrs  8.00 Apple France
Quetsche 9.50 Plum    France
Port 5cl
Portugal, Douro Valley, 
Grape: Touriga Nacional-Franca
/ Tinta Roriz-Barroca-Cão Style 
Sandeman 5.00 Ruby
Calem 5.00 Ruby
Calem 2015 7.50 Lbv
Graham’s 10 Yrs 9.00 Tawny
All our sweet liquers are 3.55cl and served on the rocks. Please ask our Service Team 
if you have any special requirements.

Sweet Liqueur, 3.55cl
(served on the rocks) Aroma Origin
Chambord 5.50 Blackberry France
Limoncello 5.00 Lemon Italy
Cointreau 6.50 Orange France
Grand Marnier 8.00 Orange France
Frangelico 5.00 Hazelnut Italy
Amaretto Disarrono 5.00 Almond Italy
Sambuca Ramazzotti 5.00 Anise Italy
Crème De Menthe 5.50 Mint Holland
Malibu 5.00 Coconut Barbados
Southern Comfort 5.00 Whiskey, Peach U.S.A
Baileys 5cl 6.00 Whiskey, Cream Ireland
Irish Mist 6.00 Whiskey, Honey Ireland
Drambuie 7.50 Spice Scotch, Honey Scotland
Kahlua 5.00 Coffee Mexico
Tia Maria 5.00 Coffee Jamaica
Benedictine D.O.B 7.00 Herbs & Spice France
Green Chartreuse 8.00 Sweet, Herbal France
Jägermeister 5.00 Herbs, Licorice   Germany
Fernet Branca 7.50      Licorice, Bitter Italy
NA Beer Style Origin
Heineken 0.0 (30cl)  5.00 Pale Lager Netherlands
Carlsberg 0.0 (30cl)  5.00 Pilsner Denmark
Erdinger Alkoholfrei (50cl) 5.50 Wheat Germany

NA Wine 18.75cl Grape Origin
White Natureo, Torres 6.00 Muscat Spain
Red. Natureo, Torres 6.00 Garnacha/Syrah Spain
Rosé. Delight, Mc Guigan 6.00 Moscato   Australia
Sparkling Cava, Freixenet 6.00 Moscato Spain

UISCE Small Still or Sparkling (25cl) - €2.50
UISCE Large Still or Sparkling (75cl) - €6.00

Temperance Cocktail
Berry Sweetheart - Cranberry Juice, Honey, Apple Juice - €8.50
Elderflower Refresh - Lemon, Elderflower Syrup, Soda Water - €8.50
Unwinded - Muscat N/A Wine, Grenadine, Lemon & Pineapple Juice - €8.50

Soft Drinks 20CL
7UP, Diet 7UP, Club Lemon, Club Organge, Coca Cola, Diet Coke - €3.00
Cidona, Lucozade, Red Bull - €3.50

Bottled Juices 20CL
Apple, Orange,  Pineapple, Cranberry - €3.50

Tea & Coffee
Tea 2.90
Espresso 3.00
Americano 3.20
Hot Chocolate 3.60
Mochaccino 4.00
Cappucciono / Latte 3.60
Flat White 3.50
Double Espresso 4.00
Infusions 4.00

Green Teas  
Yunnan, Bi Lo Chun, Tie Guan Yin, Oolong, Jasmine, Lemon Ginger & Lemongrass,
Licorice, Morning Dew, Moroccan Mint   

Herbal Teas 
Blood Orange, Wild Berry, Chamomile, Peppermint, Rooibos & Caramel, Earl Grey, 
Ceylon Black 

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